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Fireside Bundle

Fireside Bundle

Touch of Grey, Leading Role, Minted Mule

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Brody's Fireside Bundle proves itself as an exquisite choice for those enchanting evenings spent fireside in the company of cherished friends and loved ones. Revel in the sophisticated allure emanating from Brody's Leading Role, where intricate flavor profiles seamlessly meld with the richness of premium bourbon. Elevate the ambiance with the subtle spiciness of Cochin Ginger in Brody's Minted Mule, introducing a nuanced layer of refinement. As a crowning touch, savor the sophistication of Brody's Touch of Grey, an eloquent fusion of Earl Grey Tea, vibrant citrus notes, and the honeyed sweetness that culminates in an orchestrated symphony of flavors, imparting an elevated finesse to the entire set.


Touch of Grey: Earl Grey tea leads bright lemon and black raspberry to a subtle orange blossom honey finish.

Leading Role: Charred oak and peat take the lead followed by berry fruit and botanicals.

Minted Mule: Zesty lime notes and a little heat from cochin ginger followed by the cooling sensation of garden mint.

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