The Dogs

At Brody’s, we’re all about dogs.

When we first started thinking about how to bring our brand to life, we always knew we wanted to have a mission of giving back to the companions that have given us so much. The spirit of Monty, Cristy's first puppy, lives on through Monty's Fund, contributing up to 5% of Brody's net proceeds to organizations supporting canine causes.

By combining a letter from the names of each founders faithful companions, Brody's honors the dogs that truly create moments making life so much deeper.

  • Photo of Cody


    An adventurer who was always on the hunt for fun and digging up trouble.

    Brody's French 75 
  • Photo of Penny


    Always the loudest in the room. She's the protector and lover wrapped up in a Rottweiler.

    Brody's Black Orchid 
  • Photo of Tebow


    Big cuddle bug who would rather catch sun rays than tennis balls.

    Brody's Air Mail 
  • Photo of Rocko


    A mix rescued from Philly Paws in 2019, Rocko is the hiker, the swimmer, & the king of the couch.

    Brody's Touch of Grey 
  • Photo of Frank the Donkey and Leroy

    Frank the Donkey & Leroy

    Frank is an ass and Leroy is the free spirit. We thought it was fitting that these two would be showcased on our Minted Mule!

    Brody's Minted Mule