Q: Why are Brody’s cocktails not already carbonated?

A: While developing our cocktails, we realized early on that YOUR choice of bubbles is as personal and individual as OURS.  Therefore, we allow you to customize your Brody’s by adding YOUR favorite bubbles, not OURS.  Another benefit to keeping Brody’s non-carbonated is that there is no need to finish the bottle or waste it because the drink went flat, you can always add fresh bubbles!

Q: Do I need to add anything?

A: All our cocktails are ideally served with some form of carbonated mixer (champagne, sparkling wine, club soda, ginger beer, etc).  Although, each one can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, too.

Q: What is the best ratio for combining Brody’s with bubbles?

A: Our suggested ratios are located on the back of each label.  However, you can’t go wrong with starting at a 1:1 ratio for any of the cocktails.  Once you’ve tried it, you can always modify to your own tastes.

Q: Will I need to show ID for my Brody’s order?

A: Yes, an adult 21+ will need to be available with ID that proves they are 21+ years or older to show the delivery driver.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate Brody’s after opening?

A: While it is not required to refrigerate after opening, we do suggest it so your cocktails are properly chilled when serving.

Q: What is the alcohol content of Brody’s?

A: Each Brody’s has between 16-25% ABV before mixing with any other product.  So, enjoy a full-strength Brody’s cocktail, but please drink responsibly.

Q: Do I need to shake the bottle?

A: It is entirely normal for some of our natural ingredients to settle over time.  Just give it a quick shake before serving and you are good to go!

Q: These colors are amazing!  Do they stay that way?

A: We enjoy sharing the contents and colors of Brody’s with you.  That said, clear bottles tend to allow natural light in and can fade colors over time.  Rest assured, while the colors may fade over an extended period of time, the flavors do not.

Q: How long do Brody’s cocktails last?

A: A very interesting question, indeed.  We suspect that once you open and share, Brody’s will not last very long at all.  Kidding aside, Brody’s cocktails should be enjoyed within one year of purchase as colors and flavor may begin to fade beyond that time.

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